In Honor Of Thanksgiving

100 things Kara and Candice are Thankful for:

1)      Jesus

2)      God

3)      Holy Spirit

4)      The trinity

5)      Jokes

6)      Family

7)      Friends

8)      Holidays

9)      SOS!

10)  Birthdays and presents

11)  Our time of singleness before boyfriends

12)  Our boyfriends

13)  Our fiancés…oops. Wait, spoke too soon.

14)  The extra money, because we’re the girls in the relationship. 

15)  Animals

16)  The opportunity for education

17)  Breaks from school.

18)  Pintrest

19)  The written Word of God

20)  Vacations

21)  Freedom of speech and religion

22)  Beds & Food

23)  Phones & communication

24)  Ability to ignore someone’s communication

25)  Cars that work

26)  Cars with air conditioning

27)  Cars that don’t smell like vinegar

28)  Cars that are automatics

29)  Music

30)  Sunsets & stars

31)  Laughter

32)  Books (Candice)

33)  Irony

34)  Encouragement

35)  Catching Fire movie & good directors.

36)  Twilight is over –praise de Lord

37)  Love

38)  People we met through SOS

39)  Christmas is only 30 days away!

40)  Support from friends and family

41)  Snow.

42)  Lit fire places.

43)  Smell good things

44)  Other people that cook for me

45)  Not the Fox Song

46)  The people reading this right now

47)  Midnight snacks & chocolate

48)  Dr. Pepper (Candice)

49)  Mrs. Charlotte’s Sweet Tea (Kara)

50)  Christmas trees set up before thanksgiving

51)  Finding money in a random pocket

52)  Water sports & boats

53)  Riding horses

54)  SOS is only 7 months away (WOW! O.o)

55)  Good hair days

56)  Funny pictures with best friends

57)  Complements

58)  Good hugs

59)  Fireworks. Literally and emotionally. Boom.

60)  Toothpaste

61)  Deodorant and people that use it

62)  Southern accents

63)  Cowboy boots

64)  Fairy tales and Disney movies

65)  Sales!

66)  Finding lucky pennies on the ground

67)  Seeing people hand banging while driving

68)  Handwritten notes

69)  Finding the front row parking spot. And the happy dance that follows.

70)  The rain lately

71)  Running water that doesn’t leave (pun intended)

72)  Dishwashers and washers and dryers.

73)  Being able to walk

74)  Beaches

75)  Netflix and microwaves –increasing the laziness of Americans

76)  Straight teeth –never having to get braces (even if the dentist tries to convince me I did have braces –Candice.)

77)  A new pack of bobby pins. And losing them all within the next day.

78)  People that are able to rhyme

79)  Thankful for being cancer free (Candice)

80)  Thankful to be alive

81)  Answered prayers

82)  Ambition

83)  Fast food and money to buy it with

84)  Spicy catsup at Whataburger

85)  Movies

86)  The Saddle Club and childhood memories

87)  Leaves that change colors in fall

88)  Spring flowers

89)  Autocorrect and the funniness that it can provide

90)  Slow traffic and small towns

91)  Forgiveness

92)  Hernandez

93)  Electricity in the homestead

94)  Happy tears and laughing so hard you pee

95)  Not having to wear shoes

96)  People who help warm up my cold toes

97)  Partners in crime. Conspirators. Minions.

98)  Despicable me

99)  Dimples & Freckles

100)                      A day to remember all we are thankful for 


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