S.O.S. is days where we can be truthful with each other and with God. Days where girls can get intimate and fall in love with Christ. Days of defining who you are as a woman in Christ. A time of healing, forgiveness, laughs, fun, and a time to dive into an adventurous love with God.

S.O.S. is for girls ages 12-18. We will provide food and lodging. There will be special speakers, worship bands, break out groups, Bible studies, and games. Everyday we will worship and have Bible study. One day we might go swimming and then the next day we might dress up fancy. Each day, our goal is to grow closer to God in any activity that we do.

This is when we tell the truth. We’re going to get into the truth about relationships. Hand-picked leaders will also share testimonies about what they wished someone would have told them. Intimacy is such a deep word (it gives me the hebegebies sometimes) and it can be awkward. My team and I want to come before you and share things that changed what we thought about intimacy with Christ. It takes a lot to realize how captivating God’s love is, and we want to share His love with you.

It won’t be all about relationships and boys – mostly it’s who you are as a woman in Christ, because honestly. Who you are as a lady of Christ, defines how you will behave in a relationship. Your week at S.O.S. will be about being captivated by Christ’s love and how to operate in that love within your relationships. It’s about how to be on fire for the Lord and still have fun and adventure.

This is more than just a week of camp.

God doesn’t sit back and wait for you to go to church camp. He isn’t working only when we’re totally immersed in worship. But God is active in our lives everyday. As daughters of the King, we desire to energetically grasp each day and live it lovingly and joyfully.

This is the week that changes our lives and teaches each of us how to shine as a daughter of God.


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