The Leaders of SOS

IMG_1774Candice Roberts (pictured above on the right): “C0-Founder & Ringmaster”

Hi, I’m Candice! My birthday was on valentine’s day, I turned nineteen and also got engaged! Super exciting! I gave my life to the Lord whenever I was thirteen, and I have been growing ever since. I started SOS because I want other girls younger than me to know Christ in an intimate way. Looking forward to all the love that God will shower on our girls is why I am so excited about SOS 2015. One of my favorite Bible verses is Isaiah 43:1 & 4 “Do not be afraid, because I have reclaimed you. I called you by name; you are mine…. You are precious to me, you are honored and I love you….”


Instagram: @rocandice

Kara Zimmerer (pictured above on the left): “Co-Founder & Conspirator”

My name is Kara Coffey. I am 21, currently a senior at Texas A&M University and I just recently married my wonderful man, Aaron Coffey. I gave my life to Christ the summer before I entered into my freshman year of high school. I started SOS with Candice because I have the desire to help young girls heal from their brokenness and to teach and show them about the love our Lord has for each of us. Hosea 2:19-20 “I will make you my wife forever. I will be honest and faithful to you. I will show you my love and compassion. I will be true to you, my wife. Then you will know the Lord.” I am so excited to see and meet the young ladies who attend SOS 2015! I’ve been praying for you all year.

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2 thoughts on “The Leaders of SOS

  1. Thank you Hugh!!
    Candice has visited several churches around here and we have been to Rush Creek. Mainly just by word of mouth right now.
    Thank you for all you are doing for us. We are so grateful!

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