#SOSROUND3 Leaders

So! A few of you ladies have been asking about leaders for this year, and well, here they are:image

image imageReturning to join us as full-time leaders are Brittany Baker, and Julie Kolins! Also returning part-time as a counselor is the fabulous Ruth Wilson, and we also have part-timer Alexis Terry! Our band is Cody and Kayla Kurtz and Cody will also be doing amazing photography, along with the two of them host-homing with one group! THREE newcomers will be joining us; Heather Hamm, Savanna Harber, and Hayden Furlow. Brianna Booth will be returning to encourage us all as a leader! And Brittany Potter-Roberts will also be returning, BUT this time not as a student but as a full-time leader -how awesome!! Micayla Austin will be right beside Kara and me, helping with literally everything. Then we have another newcomer, Annie Warren who will be right by Savanna Harber! And there will be so many more, because we are seriously surrounded with an amazing Christian family coming from all over the world. Praise God for all He has provided and for bringing us these wonderful people! OH!! But don’t let me forget, the most fabulous and joyous Kara Zimmerer (will be Coffey!!) who will be right beside myself, Candice, and right beside all these lovely ladies and gents AND beside all you sweet girls!!

Now you know who all will be there! So we are fully expecting you all to join us! See you soon at #SOSROUND3 from June 26-30.



For those of you who haven’t heard, SOS will be June 26-30th of 2015. We are still in the middle of preparating! I know the girls that have come before are probably wondering what our plans are for this year, and let me tell you that we are definitely switching things up -even more so than any other year. As always, we get new breakout session topics and new big group topics and this year that will still happen. Our activities though are going to dramatically change! We will have a dance this year, Princess Themed!! Eeek!! But we won’t be having a flour war this year. We will be going swimming again! A big difference is that this year, we will have a “H&MS Day” which stands for High and Middle Separate Day, where we will separate every by age -which is gonna be super exciting!!

We are accepting registrations now, so contact us to sign up! If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know!

Be blessed!

I Can Feel You&Psalm 69

I’m not sure if you’ve heard Bethels song “I Can Feel You” but it is really, really powerful. Even if you’ve heard it before, listen to it now.

Right after doing my Bible study last night, I was listening to that song and randomly flipped to Psalm 69. Verses 1-5 say this “Save me, O God! The water is already up to my neck! I am sinking in deep mud. There is nothing to stand on. I am in deep water. A flood is sweeping me away. I am exhausted from crying for help. My throat is hoarse. My eyes are strained from looking for my God.     Those who hate me for no reason outnumber the hairs on my head. Those who want to destroy me are mighty. They have no reason to be my enemies. I am forced to pay back what I did not steal.     O God, you know my stupidity, and the things of which I am guilty are not hidden from you.”

As all Psalms, this one is powerful. I don’t know where you are in life and how things are going! But I do know that sometimes it can feel like the wind and waves are the only things surrounding you. Just don’t loose heart because Psalm 69:16 also says “Answer me, O Lord, because Your mercy is good. Out of your unlimited compassion, turn to me.”

Remember that the Lord is good and His compasion is unlimited. The Lord listens. “Let the heavens and earth, the seas, and everything that moves in them praise Him.” (Psalm 69:34)

Remember Thailand

Sometimes it crazy to think that a little more than one week ago, we were in Thailand.  We learned so much while we were there, not only about Remember Nhu, but also about the kids there and about ourselves. We loved it just as much as we thought that we would. Getting to know the kids and seeing their love for the Lord was especially amazing, along with sitting and talking with the house parents.

We looked for every opportunity we could -after all, we knew that we we limited on our time there and we wanted to cram in as much as we could. When we could get rides into town, we would go. When we could play with the kids or help with homework, there was no hesitation. Every day was something new to venture into and we loved every moment.

Talking with the kids about their faith in Christ was one of my favorite things. Once, I asked a girl if she knew Jesus and her entire face lit up. She stared up at me and said “Oh yes I love Jesus.” Sweet innocent love shone from her in that moment and I was so, so grateful for Remember Nhu and everything they stand for.

We learned that all of the kids that are at RNhu right now are from different hill tribe villages -these are the kids that are the most at risk. When kids come to RNhu, them and their parents are told that they are coming to be safe, get an education, and RNhu is helping them better the kids’ lives. Another thing unique about RNhu is that when kids come to RNhu they never leave, but RNhu either sends them to college or helps them get a job somewhere. While in Thailand, our team got to visit one hill tribe village -and I personally loved it (see blog here: http://www.sosrevival.wordpress.com/2015/01/04/sawadeeka/ ).

Right now, RNhu is at their max limit for kids. In the next year, they will only be able to accept kds who are of the highest risk. They are in the process of building a new home (which we helped build for two days) so that all the kids can be on the same land together. Their goals for expanding are really amazing and will continue to benefit the kids at and coming to RNhu.

It was an amazing blessing to get to go to Thailand and I know we all left a portion of our hearts there. Continue to join us in prayer for them. The Lord is doing awesome things.

Thank you to everyone who supported us. Also, thank you to people who support RNhu through buying SOS T-shirts (they really appreciated that). And thank you to everyone who donated clothing that we took.

imageAfter lunch one day

image This is just one pile, we had another of similar size.

imageplaying with the kids

imageHauled around 2,500 bricks


Sa-wah-dee-ka! Khun-sa-bai-dee-mai-ka? Chan-pood-tai-dai-nid-no-ka.

Hello, and how are you? I can speak a Thai a little. We are slowly learning while we are here with the kids. They patiently teach us, laughing when we mix up words. Each day with them has been filled with adventures! All of the girls and boys are very sweet here, and love to play.

The day we got here, we were already on the move. After all, we only have one week -we need to soak in as much as we can.

It was the second day that I (Candice) completely loved. We got to visit a hill tribe village. The drive there was insane and long, and I was already struggling with sickness, but it was completely worth it. I met these two little girls.

Two girlsThe girl facing the camera, in the red shirt, had immediately came up to me and grabbed my hand and hardly ever let go. I gave her a hug and patted her on the back, and she laughed -she had never been patted before and began to patty my stomach the rest of the day. The other girl in the background was very shy and wouldn’t come but three steps from me -any time I held my hand out to her, she would run away. We brought all the hill tribe children candy and they followed us around the village. Finally, after much coaxing and smiling to the shy girl, I got her to hold my hand. Now I had both girls who would never leave me. These girls have impacted me the most so far, because they do not expect love and affection, but they so desire it. They receive any love that you give with complete adoration. When we had to leave the village, both girls (along with a few other girls) followed us up the entire hill to the very top.

This morning we went to worship and I gave a short testimony about SOS -telling all of them that we pray for, support, and desires to spread love to Remember Nhu. Tonight we will go to the Sunday Night Walking Market and find some good food and other things to buy.

We have all been enjoying being at Remember Nhu and look forward to the days to come.

Please pray for our team in the following ways: Kara is experiencing a tad bit of stomach sickness. Emily is desiring physical energy. Hugh asks that we pray he is able to come home (he loves it here). And my prayer for this whole trip has been “God, give me your eyes to see, and ears to hear your people”.
Thank you for everything! We all send our love!

Chok-dee-na-ka! (Good luck [what they say for goodbye])

Dreams vs. Reality

I think that each person is born with God-given dreams. Since before time, Christ saw who we were to become and He gifted us each with a dream. (I am blessed to share my dream with my best friend.) Now, it is up to each individual if they will accept this dream and let it blossom –all with the hope that it will someday become a reality.

Most of the dreams I have, I never thought would become real. Some of my life realities I never even dreamed. This is how I know that all things work together for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). God knows our stories before we are even born (Psalm 139). Even though we sometimes have lost hope in our dreams, God always knows the plans He has for us (Jeremiah 29:11).

There is one dream in a million that has become a reality that I would like to share today.

A team of three has been relentless pursuing a chance to travel to Remember Nhu (see previous blog about RNhu here; https://sosrevival.wordpress.com/blog/ ). In the beginning we couldn’t envision how this dream could become a reality –after all, we were two girls wanting to go to a foreign country and had no escort. After months of prayer, we received a commitment from a man desiring to travel with us. Still, we were hesitant to put all our faith in this venture. But we contacted Remember Nhu and they were willing to work with us. We began filling out lots of paperwork, getting passports in order, and raising money. Our dream was slowly looking more and more like it may come true.

Another one of our prayers was to keep our cost affordable. We needed the Lord to provide funds and opportunities for us in our financial situations. Each of us is very grateful for our financial supporters, because without them (and God) we would not make it any farther than the Dallas Airport. Even more so are we grateful that Christ definitely has His hand in this –for the day after we bought our plane tickets, those same ticket prices skyrocketed up $400. Our dream was officially a reality, but it still hadn’t quite sunk in yet. We fly out towards the end of December and return in perfect time for school to start.

It is obviously the will of God that we take this adventure together. He has answered so many numerous prayers about this and He will continue to answer our prayers. We look forward to seeing everyone at Remember Nhu, telling them about SOS and the money we raised by selling t-shirts, meeting and learning about the different people, and setting off on a new and exciting adventure. We look forward to coming home and sharing memories with you. Also, being obedient to the Lord’s will so that He will use us in the ways He already has planned. Mostly, we are grateful that our God-given dreams are becoming a God-given reality.

Continue praying for us as we are still raising money for living over there, and we are selling shirts to raise awareness and money for Remember Nhu. Additionally, pray for safety, strength, boldness, and wisdom to hear God’s leading voice.

Be blessed,

Kara, Candice, and Hugh



Remember Nhu trip

Dear lovelies,
It is such a pleasure and gift from God to announce to you our upcoming trip. This coming December, my oldest brother, Kara, and I will be going to Asia. Our trip will be approximately two weeks long. Our destination is Remember Nhu –an organization that is fighting the battle to end sex slavery. The Lord has put Remember Nhu on my heart and I am interested in preventing children from becoming involved in the sex trade.
There has always been a pull on my heart each time I hear about Asia. It’s like a calling or a yearning in my Spirit. Sometimes it is such an intense desire, and I’m not really sure why. God wants me to go to Asia –that is all I know. It’s not that Asia is calling my name –Christ is calling my name. The Lord has put a special place in my heart for young girls, which is why I started a girl’s camp, but it’s more than just that because I have another calling to work with children and end child slavery. Each summer during SOS, we raise money to support Remember Nhu AND this year, we get to deliver that money personally –which Kara and I am so excited about.
Besides visiting with the children, we get to visit an elephant camp, a hill tribe village, a cultural dinner, and so much more. Their second boy’s home is under construction and we get to help with that also. There is so much to do over there, and I want to be a part of it.
The estimated cost of the trip is $2,230; $1,700 for airfare. $400 – room and board. $40 – food. $20 – local transport. $20 – visa. $50 – spending cash. Obviously the main spending will be our airfare. We are buying our tickets at the end of November and I need everyone’s help to get there. If you would like to support, the funds should be sent to Caney Creek Baptist Church 5441 FM 3054, Malakoff, TX 75148. An additional note should be included saying “Funds for Candice Roberts” or “Funds for Kara Zimmerer”.
Also, Kara and I have t-shirts for sale and we are taking the proceeds to Remember Nhu ourselves. So if you would like to buy a shirt, contact us. We will get the pleasure of letting you know exactly who receives the funds.
Please keep us all in your prayers. We are all so very excited about this new adventure that the Lord has set us on.
We love you all,
Candice & Kara

Save The Date

Hurray hurray! It’s save the date! The time has come to announce your fate.
We made a decision, we made up our minds! We’re gonna have the grandest time!

#SOSROUND3 is June the 26-30th of 2015

#myrhyme #grandesttime

Answered Prayer

I’d like to have a moment to take you all back in time -it’s just a couple of months ago.  June 11th to be exact.  Fourty-plus women and girls gathered around to pray for one of our own.  JulieThis is Julie Kolins! The week of SOS 2014, Julie submitted an application for Harvest School of Missions.  We all gathered around her to pray for the Lord’s will to be done in her life.  And of course He is leading her exactly where He needs and wants her!  She was accepted into the Harvest School of Missions and will be traveling to 4 different cities and 3 different countries!
Ladies of SOS, since we prayed for this and it is come to pass -congrats! We can add this to our lists of testimonies!

Continue to be in prayer for Julie as she travels!

Also be praying blessings over each of our dear leaders! These ladies were all so wonderful and I miss and love them all! I pray showers of blessings for each one!IMG_2293

The One You Need

Darlings, just remember that Jesus is always the One that you need.  As women, we tend to focus our lives on finding our future husbands, dubbing him “The One”.  We ask our friends, “Do you think he is the One?”  It’s time to re-focus our lives though, because there’s Someone if you just believe and He will be your hero like He’s always been.  So when you’re ready, you can find true Love.  Honey, Jesus is the One you need -the only One you need.