What to Bring…And Not

What to Bring:

  1. Bible
  2. Pen and Journal
  3. Pillow and sleeping bag
  4. Pj’s
  5. Bathroom toiletries and a towel for showering
  6.  “Get messy” clothes (for one or two afternoons)
  7. One “dress up” outfit. Make it as fancy as you want to.
  8. Bring a swimsuit for sure! But let’s keep it modest ladies. No bikinis unless you have a dark colored shirt over it.
  9. Laughter and seriousness

What Not to Bring:

  1. No spaghetti strap shirts and booty shorts
  2. You are allowed to bring your cell phone but you can only use it at the host home, with your leader’s permission. If your parent needs to get a hold of you when we’re at church, then have them call 903-489-3500
  3. No headphones. This is a time to bond with your sisters, not to seclude yourself
  4. (Every time I read this one I laugh… but just in case) No drugs, bombs, guns, alcohol, knifes, deadly weapons, lead pipes, or baby kittens.

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