#SOSROUND3 Leaders

So! A few of you ladies have been asking about leaders for this year, and well, here they are:image

image imageReturning to join us as full-time leaders are Brittany Baker, and Julie Kolins! Also returning part-time as a counselor is the fabulous Ruth Wilson, and we also have part-timer Alexis Terry! Our band is Cody and Kayla Kurtz and Cody will also be doing amazing photography, along with the two of them host-homing with one group! THREE newcomers will be joining us; Heather Hamm, Savanna Harber, and Hayden Furlow. Brianna Booth will be returning to encourage us all as a leader! And Brittany Potter-Roberts will also be returning, BUT this time not as a student but as a full-time leader -how awesome!! Micayla Austin will be right beside Kara and me, helping with literally everything. Then we have another newcomer, Annie Warren who will be right by Savanna Harber! And there will be so many more, because we are seriously surrounded with an amazing Christian family coming from all over the world. Praise God for all He has provided and for bringing us these wonderful people! OH!! But don’t let me forget, the most fabulous and joyous Kara Zimmerer (will be Coffey!!) who will be right beside myself, Candice, and right beside all these lovely ladies and gents AND beside all you sweet girls!!

Now you know who all will be there! So we are fully expecting you all to join us! See you soon at #SOSROUND3 from June 26-30.


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