For those of you who haven’t heard, SOS will be June 26-30th of 2015. We are still in the middle of preparating! I know the girls that have come before are probably wondering what our plans are for this year, and let me tell you that we are definitely switching things up -even more so than any other year. As always, we get new breakout session topics and new big group topics and this year that will still happen. Our activities though are going to dramatically change! We will have a dance this year, Princess Themed!! Eeek!! But we won’t be having a flour war this year. We will be going swimming again! A big difference is that this year, we will have a “H&MS Day” which stands for High and Middle Separate Day, where we will separate every by age -which is gonna be super exciting!!

We are accepting registrations now, so contact us to sign up! If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know!

Be blessed!


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