Remember Thailand

Sometimes it crazy to think that a little more than one week ago, we were in Thailand.  We learned so much while we were there, not only about Remember Nhu, but also about the kids there and about ourselves. We loved it just as much as we thought that we would. Getting to know the kids and seeing their love for the Lord was especially amazing, along with sitting and talking with the house parents.

We looked for every opportunity we could -after all, we knew that we we limited on our time there and we wanted to cram in as much as we could. When we could get rides into town, we would go. When we could play with the kids or help with homework, there was no hesitation. Every day was something new to venture into and we loved every moment.

Talking with the kids about their faith in Christ was one of my favorite things. Once, I asked a girl if she knew Jesus and her entire face lit up. She stared up at me and said “Oh yes I love Jesus.” Sweet innocent love shone from her in that moment and I was so, so grateful for Remember Nhu and everything they stand for.

We learned that all of the kids that are at RNhu right now are from different hill tribe villages -these are the kids that are the most at risk. When kids come to RNhu, them and their parents are told that they are coming to be safe, get an education, and RNhu is helping them better the kids’ lives. Another thing unique about RNhu is that when kids come to RNhu they never leave, but RNhu either sends them to college or helps them get a job somewhere. While in Thailand, our team got to visit one hill tribe village -and I personally loved it (see blog here: ).

Right now, RNhu is at their max limit for kids. In the next year, they will only be able to accept kds who are of the highest risk. They are in the process of building a new home (which we helped build for two days) so that all the kids can be on the same land together. Their goals for expanding are really amazing and will continue to benefit the kids at and coming to RNhu.

It was an amazing blessing to get to go to Thailand and I know we all left a portion of our hearts there. Continue to join us in prayer for them. The Lord is doing awesome things.

Thank you to everyone who supported us. Also, thank you to people who support RNhu through buying SOS T-shirts (they really appreciated that). And thank you to everyone who donated clothing that we took.

imageAfter lunch one day

image This is just one pile, we had another of similar size.

imageplaying with the kids

imageHauled around 2,500 bricks


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