Sa-wah-dee-ka! Khun-sa-bai-dee-mai-ka? Chan-pood-tai-dai-nid-no-ka.

Hello, and how are you? I can speak a Thai a little. We are slowly learning while we are here with the kids. They patiently teach us, laughing when we mix up words. Each day with them has been filled with adventures! All of the girls and boys are very sweet here, and love to play.

The day we got here, we were already on the move. After all, we only have one week -we need to soak in as much as we can.

It was the second day that I (Candice) completely loved. We got to visit a hill tribe village. The drive there was insane and long, and I was already struggling with sickness, but it was completely worth it. I met these two little girls.

Two girlsThe girl facing the camera, in the red shirt, had immediately came up to me and grabbed my hand and hardly ever let go. I gave her a hug and patted her on the back, and she laughed -she had never been patted before and began to patty my stomach the rest of the day. The other girl in the background was very shy and wouldn’t come but three steps from me -any time I held my hand out to her, she would run away. We brought all the hill tribe children candy and they followed us around the village. Finally, after much coaxing and smiling to the shy girl, I got her to hold my hand. Now I had both girls who would never leave me. These girls have impacted me the most so far, because they do not expect love and affection, but they so desire it. They receive any love that you give with complete adoration. When we had to leave the village, both girls (along with a few other girls) followed us up the entire hill to the very top.

This morning we went to worship and I gave a short testimony about SOS -telling all of them that we pray for, support, and desires to spread love to Remember Nhu. Tonight we will go to the Sunday Night Walking Market and find some good food and other things to buy.

We have all been enjoying being at Remember Nhu and look forward to the days to come.

Please pray for our team in the following ways: Kara is experiencing a tad bit of stomach sickness. Emily is desiring physical energy. Hugh asks that we pray he is able to come home (he loves it here). And my prayer for this whole trip has been “God, give me your eyes to see, and ears to hear your people”.
Thank you for everything! We all send our love!

Chok-dee-na-ka! (Good luck [what they say for goodbye])


One thought on “Sa-wah-dee-ka

  1. Candice, I love it when they fight to hold your hand! You have only 2 hands, BUT 10 FINGERS! (Just don’t let them kill each other fighting to be THE one! Love you. Hope Kara is better.

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