Dreams vs. Reality

I think that each person is born with God-given dreams. Since before time, Christ saw who we were to become and He gifted us each with a dream. (I am blessed to share my dream with my best friend.) Now, it is up to each individual if they will accept this dream and let it blossom –all with the hope that it will someday become a reality.

Most of the dreams I have, I never thought would become real. Some of my life realities I never even dreamed. This is how I know that all things work together for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). God knows our stories before we are even born (Psalm 139). Even though we sometimes have lost hope in our dreams, God always knows the plans He has for us (Jeremiah 29:11).

There is one dream in a million that has become a reality that I would like to share today.

A team of three has been relentless pursuing a chance to travel to Remember Nhu (see previous blog about RNhu here; https://sosrevival.wordpress.com/blog/ ). In the beginning we couldn’t envision how this dream could become a reality –after all, we were two girls wanting to go to a foreign country and had no escort. After months of prayer, we received a commitment from a man desiring to travel with us. Still, we were hesitant to put all our faith in this venture. But we contacted Remember Nhu and they were willing to work with us. We began filling out lots of paperwork, getting passports in order, and raising money. Our dream was slowly looking more and more like it may come true.

Another one of our prayers was to keep our cost affordable. We needed the Lord to provide funds and opportunities for us in our financial situations. Each of us is very grateful for our financial supporters, because without them (and God) we would not make it any farther than the Dallas Airport. Even more so are we grateful that Christ definitely has His hand in this –for the day after we bought our plane tickets, those same ticket prices skyrocketed up $400. Our dream was officially a reality, but it still hadn’t quite sunk in yet. We fly out towards the end of December and return in perfect time for school to start.

It is obviously the will of God that we take this adventure together. He has answered so many numerous prayers about this and He will continue to answer our prayers. We look forward to seeing everyone at Remember Nhu, telling them about SOS and the money we raised by selling t-shirts, meeting and learning about the different people, and setting off on a new and exciting adventure. We look forward to coming home and sharing memories with you. Also, being obedient to the Lord’s will so that He will use us in the ways He already has planned. Mostly, we are grateful that our God-given dreams are becoming a God-given reality.

Continue praying for us as we are still raising money for living over there, and we are selling shirts to raise awareness and money for Remember Nhu. Additionally, pray for safety, strength, boldness, and wisdom to hear God’s leading voice.

Be blessed,

Kara, Candice, and Hugh




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