Remember Nhu trip

Dear lovelies,
It is such a pleasure and gift from God to announce to you our upcoming trip. This coming December, my oldest brother, Kara, and I will be going to Asia. Our trip will be approximately two weeks long. Our destination is Remember Nhu –an organization that is fighting the battle to end sex slavery. The Lord has put Remember Nhu on my heart and I am interested in preventing children from becoming involved in the sex trade.
There has always been a pull on my heart each time I hear about Asia. It’s like a calling or a yearning in my Spirit. Sometimes it is such an intense desire, and I’m not really sure why. God wants me to go to Asia –that is all I know. It’s not that Asia is calling my name –Christ is calling my name. The Lord has put a special place in my heart for young girls, which is why I started a girl’s camp, but it’s more than just that because I have another calling to work with children and end child slavery. Each summer during SOS, we raise money to support Remember Nhu AND this year, we get to deliver that money personally –which Kara and I am so excited about.
Besides visiting with the children, we get to visit an elephant camp, a hill tribe village, a cultural dinner, and so much more. Their second boy’s home is under construction and we get to help with that also. There is so much to do over there, and I want to be a part of it.
The estimated cost of the trip is $2,230; $1,700 for airfare. $400 – room and board. $40 – food. $20 – local transport. $20 – visa. $50 – spending cash. Obviously the main spending will be our airfare. We are buying our tickets at the end of November and I need everyone’s help to get there. If you would like to support, the funds should be sent to Caney Creek Baptist Church 5441 FM 3054, Malakoff, TX 75148. An additional note should be included saying “Funds for Candice Roberts” or “Funds for Kara Zimmerer”.
Also, Kara and I have t-shirts for sale and we are taking the proceeds to Remember Nhu ourselves. So if you would like to buy a shirt, contact us. We will get the pleasure of letting you know exactly who receives the funds.
Please keep us all in your prayers. We are all so very excited about this new adventure that the Lord has set us on.
We love you all,
Candice & Kara


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