And the Answer to your Question is…..

So everyone has been asking “Are you doing SOS again next year?” And our standard reply was that we were going to take one month to pray about it, but that we wanted to if it was the Lord’s will.  The reason we felt the need to pray about it, was because SOS isn’t Candice and Kara Camp, it is the work of the Lord and it is all for Him and He graciously chose us to work through. Obviously it has been longer than one month though, and you’re probably wondering what the Lord has said. He’s said a lot of things to both Kara and I, but until recently we were still anxiously/patiently trying to wait on the Lord’s answer.

We probably got ahead of ourselves, since we already had the T-Shirt design, Bible verse picked, and new activities written down. Our heart of hearts wanted so badly to continue with this dream/reality. Candice got a little anxious when one month had passed and there still wasn’t an answer.  Kara had to agree with that same feeling. But we continued praying because the Lord kept telling us to continue praying and to wait for the answer.

There are still a ton of unanswered questions we have for the Lord.  One is, why wait?  Maybe we will find out that answer, but for now we can set that question aside because there is still another to be answered. We had prayed one whole month, then two months had passed….a third month was on it’s way.  We were praying and waiting, but getting a little forgetful and questioning.  Our answer took a long time in coming, or we totally would have let you guys know by now.  The Lord wanted us to wait for the answer, for whatever reason.  So we obeyed and waited because we knew that His timing would be perfect.

I (Candice) had it in my head that He was going to do something insane and blow our minds with His answer.  It didnt quite come that way though.  It was more of a dedicated time to sit and expect the Lord’s answer. And once I sat down and really WANTED to know the answer, it did come.  I guess before, I just got too ahead of myself or wanted the answer to be ‘yes’ and would accept nothing else. Then finally I knew the Lord’s will would be done.  This was His reply, word for word: “YES! It brings joy to me to see my daughters’ passion for My plans. I delight in you and your mission for Me. I know it brings you joy -it brings me joy too Daughter.”

Therefore, we will see all you wonderful ladies next summer for #SOSROUND3!

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wastelands.”

Isaiah 43:19


3 thoughts on “And the Answer to your Question is…..

  1. Did you call me 3 times last night to tell me to make plans to be there or something?

    Glad you’re doing it. Love yall girls


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