Show Me The Ring

This video is from SOS 2014.  It is a picture of what it really means to be the Bride of Christ.  We are so unlovable, yet God loves us. We are so unfaithful, yet God pursues us.  God looks past our sins and failures and says, “If you will say yes to my proposal, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”  Non-believers don’t understand this.  Some people don’t believe God longs to be close to us. But only one thing would silence ALL doubt….

Romans 5:8 says, “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” This means that the cross is the engagement ring of Christ. So accept this ring! God is asking you to step into a committed relationship with Him. Just say yes! There’s nothing more joyful than life with the One who created you.

In this sermon/video you will see two people who represent distraction and unbelief. These people will do anything they can to keep you from committing to Christ. They encourage you to have a shallow, distant relationship with Him. Also, in this illustration you will see many proposals. This represents how God keeps asking us to commit even when we say no time after time. He is a God of mercy. Once His Bride says yes, she receives the ring – a representation of a life marked by Christ, belonging only to Him!

God wants to go to deeper levels in His relationship with you – So don’t walk away! Don’t settle with knowing Him from a distance. You can’t go wrong with saying yes to Him. Christianity isn’t about relying on feelings or seeing -it’s about trusting Him no matter what. Don’t forget to wear His ring proudly. God is the ONLY one who can satisfy your every desire and need.


*Big shout out to Ashtyn and her team for coming all the way to preform for us! Thank y’all!


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