Oh my goodness gracious! I can not believe it has TWO weeks since #SOSROUNDTWO has ended. This is complete insanity. It was just Christmas time and Candice and I were counting down.. “7 months, 3 days, 6 hours and 12 seconds..”!! I remember last year when SOS ended, both Candice and I were wiped out! This year I had a good friend text me saying, “Now you can relax.” My response was I could so do this again next week. It’s so crazy how God can move and grow us in ways that I didn’t even know possible. Like, yearbook class in high school actually helped me a lot with planning for SOS-but when I was taking yearbook did I think “oh I am going to use this one day?” No, I had no clue-but the Lord always has stuff up his sleeve. IMG_2484 I had to many favorites this year at #SOSROUNDTWO. One was that I didn’t feel like we had a “high” day for all the leaders and girls. I felt like each girl had their growth moments at different times throughout camp which I just love witnessing. I was able to see a dear sweet friend of mine take a step and share her testimony. I loved taking a step back and watching and just seeing what the Lord was doing through what He did through Candice and I and all who helped out.

Number Two favorite was on Wednesday night one of our leaders felt led to share what the Spirit was laying on her heart and to do an alter call. The Spirit spoke through her and of course He spoke perfectly. Brittany begged the girls to take one step- whether it be to open up their hands, take one step forward, go to the alter, fall on their face, stand on a chair, stand on one leg, just SOMETHING in which the Lord asked them each to take their one step. So I stood behind the girls as they were all standing, I had my hands open and my eyes open and I continually prayed each girl would be brave and willing. I looked for each girls ‘step’. I don’t know how to describe it other than completely AWESOME to see each girls step- I saw one girl open her hands, another go to the alter, another literally fall to the ground because she was so weak from standing on her own strength. I got to see the giving in to letting the Lord in! HOW UNBELIEVEABLY INCREDIBLE is that to watch! I have been praying for these girls for around a year and to see them take a step into falling in love or falling more in love with the Lord just made my heart full of joy. It brought the biggest smile to my face and tears to my eyes.

IMG_2293 Y’all our leaders this year were AWESOME! Candice and I could NOT at all do this without y’all. Thank you for all you sacrificed for the Lord and these girls. Thank you for following the Lord. We are so thankful for each of you. WE LOVE YOU! IMG_2568 copy CANDICE! OH how much I love you. THANK YOU for listening to the Lord’s plan to start a girls revival and for allowing me the blessing of helping. I would have never done this if it wasn’t for the vision the Lord gave YOU. Thank you for being the best friend and most awesome sister. You continually motivate me to be a better servant and daughter of our King. Love you Tanice!


As Candice talked about in the previous blog, we don’t know if we are doing SOS 2015. We are praying about it all the time and waiting on the Lord to tell us what He would like. Because SOS isn’t Candice and Kara Camp, it is the work of the Lord and it is all for Him and He graciously chose us to work through. I can speak for both Candice and I, we are so honored and humbled at the same time to be used for SOS in the small towns of East Texas. It has been such an encouragement to those who I have talked to and ran into who tell me how much they have learned and how much fun they had during their time at SOS. Thank you.

Thank you to all those who helped us- everyone who donated money, who supported our ministries we support (Remember Nhu and Redeemed Ministries), speakers, dancers, food, time engraving the rings, time, homes, worship leaders, support, co-leaders, leaders, and prayers! Thank you parents for allowing us to be blessed by your sweet children, grandchildren, and friend’s kids! Thank you girls for wanting to come! We wouldn’t have camp if it wasn’t for y’all!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Praise to our King!

Kara Zimmerer


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