To All Those Engaged

If you’re heading into your twenties, you might be one of the many getting engaged, preparing for your wedding, or already married. If your Facebook looks anything like mine, it’s plastered with “I said yes!!” or “We set the Date” or “Engagement pictures” –and the list goes on. It is super exciting to be engaged, and to all those out there let me say ‘congrats’! Woot woot! The time has finally come –our prayers have been answered! Speaking of prayer, I don’t know about you, but I prayed a lot before I dated. I prayed for my future husband like a million times a day. I have recently come to the realization that since I have found him, I started praying different prayers for him. Before, I would pray for him to grow in the Lord so that he could hurry up and find me. I used to pray for him to love God daily and for him to realize the depths of God’s love for him. But now that I have found my beloved, I realized that I dropped those prayers when I should have continued them with the same fervor I had before.

Don’t get me wrong, I pray for my fiancé all the time –yet still never enough. I just pray different prayers. Although he might need the prayers I am praying now, he also probably needs the prayers I prayed for him before. He still needs to love God daily and lean on His strength. He still needs to dive deeper into the depths of Christ’s love. He still needs to chase after God so that he can continue to chase after me. He also needs the one’s I’m praying now –that he will not worry but dedicate every moment to God, that he will stay strong even in the midst of hardship, and that he will show love even when the world says hate.

If you are single, engaged, or married, I want to encourage you to pray without ceasing. Ladies and gents, don’t forget to pray all things for your future spouse. Don’t be satisfied with the prayers you pray now, let’s get a little bit deeper. Prayer is powerful and puts things into motion. There is no limit to the requests you can put before God.


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