SOSROUND2 #RobertsRoberts

It’s almost been an entire week since SOS 2014 has ended!  That fact blows my mind!  It seems like just a couple seconds ago I was having leader prep days and ordering T-Shirts.  

This year was totally and completely different from last year.  Last year, I was just a new little sprout -I wasn’t as prepared.  This year, I knew a bit more of what to expect.  I wouldn’t say that there was a specific day that was the highlight of my week.  Although there were sermons and speakers and testimonies that I LOVED…it was pretty much each one (cause all our speakers were AWEsome!).  My favorite part about this year, was getting to know each of the girls personally. 

ImageTo see them grow closer to the Lord was my favorite thing about SOS 2014.   My absolute favorite part of #SOSROUND2 wasn’t the slip-n-slide, or the flour war, or the dance night, or the food, or the lack of sleep, or the -whatever.  My favorite part was the girls surrounding me each day.  The laughter, the fun, the healing, and the LOVE racing through us all was my favorite part about last week.  I love you girls!!

ImageThe encouragement from these ladies right here (missing a few in pic! Sorry!!) was/is phenomenal.  I was so blessed every day by them all!  We had a fantastic team this year and I am continually blessed to have each of these wonderful ladies in my life!  The love and encouragement flowing out of their hearts was greatly rejoiced over.  I love y’all ladies!!! 

Image Couldn’t have done it and wouldn’t have wanted to do it without this woman!!  Not only is this my best friend, but we’re genuine sisters.  She continually reminds me of God’s plan, encourages me to purse the heart of God, and calms my fears with the Word of God.  We’re a great team and we always will be.  Not many girls have been blessed with a friendship like ours.   Love you Bear 🙂 

Since SOS has ended, I’ve missed it.  I loved every day this year.  People have asked if we are planning for next year, and the answer is this: we are taking a month to pray about it.  Last year, God answered in three days and we began planning again.  Although I want His answer to be “YES!”, I want this to be under His will and not my own.  God makes the decisions in this relationship, so I’m waiting for His provision.  We haven’t gotten an answer so far, but even if it doesn’t come in a month, we will always be praying. 

I’ve been seeing tons of people from SOS this week -three girls at Wal-mart, four speakers at restaurants, and host homes at church.  A few of the people I’ve seen have been encouraging me and telling me that what Kara and I do is simply awesome…. So let’s get this straight right now, Kara is awesome and maybe I’m cool too, but no.  It’s all God.  He get’s all the praise.  I am the hands and feet and that is all, because everything else is totally Him.  I am so so so so grateful to be those hands and feet though, so thank you God that You allow me to do Your work.  I wouldn’t trade another lifetime for how I feel when God is moving through me. 

Before I jet, I want to give a shout-out to everyone who helped!  Leaders, co-leaders, counselors, speakers, parents who let their daughters come, host homes, cooks, financial supporters, the worship band, all those praying for us, and everyone else -thank you!  We could not have done this without you and I am so grateful for you all!  

Give God all the glory! -Candice


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