This One’s for the Guys

In the beginning, God created. He planned stuff out and crafted things together with an intricate plan in mind. The pinnacle of his creation was man and woman. It says “Let us create man in our image, in the image of God.”  He created them both with a special plan in mind, and although my specialty is talking about how a woman works, let’s all take a little to discuss what I have learned about men and why God created man.

As a woman, when I look at the men around me, I see something entirely different than what God intended. Of course, a good majority of the men I see are not Christians, so let’s narrow this down. As I look at the Christian men around me, instead of seeing the adventure and the passion involved in living a Christian life, most are sitting back feeling angry, lustful, or fearful. They each live their lives as if nothing has changed. There is no battle to fight, and there is no adventure. So many men have been told to put their adventurous spirit behind them and be responsible. A lot in our world boys are told “don’t!” Don’t be so messy, don’t break anything, don’t be so noisy, don’t be so aggressive, or don’t take such crazy risks. But part of God’s design is a loud, encouraging “yes!” to be fierce, be wild, and be passionate. A man is created to be wild at heart. A man bares the image of God in his strength, not physically, but more soulfully or spiritually. It seems to me that the world today is raising their boys to be pansies.

Why did God create man? Surely not to go through a scheduled life, live and then die. Surely it’s not to merely preach a few years and serve a little while. What is man for? Men are meant to be warriors, another Brave Heart. A man must have a battle to fight, a great mission to his life. He needs something to be devoted to. Men are created, just like every other thing on earth, to be loved and to love Christ. They were made for adventurous love. God created men to be his intimate ally, and to join him in the great battle –men are warriors. A boy learns who he is and what he’s got from a man, or company of men –men are teachers. My dad and my brothers and my boyfriend’s bring me security in many situations –men bring security. Another thing has been pointed out to me is that when the enemy attacks the man, it hurts the whole family –men are the heart of family.

One thing I have observed is that each man has a different desire in his heart. Each man has a specific mission that God created him for. One man likes hunting, while another guy likes rock climbing, while another is good with computers. Each man desires to be adventurous. Explore, build, and conquer = risk, danger, and adventure. My question is this; are the men of God willing to live with the level of risk Christ invites them to?



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