Our Christmas Letter

Dearest family and friends,

Kara and I decided to write our own Christmas letter to you all this year and update you on our adventures. This year has been a fantastic and eventful one, full of trips and ministry and exertions.

At this same time last year, we began planning and coordinating a girls revival. The Lord had laid it on my heart to teach girls younger than me the truth about how to live for Christ in their everyday lives, but specifically in love and relationships. While planning, it was a time of huge growth in my faith. So, in the beginning of June, the two of us (and a team of brothers and sisters in Christ) did this girls revival called SOS, which stands for Song of Songs. God lead us in this together, and I could never be more grateful for the friendship –no, the sisterhood that Kara and I have together.

The Lord has taught me so much this year. He is always faithful, trustworthy, strong, all-powerful, gracious, patient, and encouraging. Not to even mention the intimate love that relentlessly pursues me. I am eagerly looking forward to this new year coming up. We will be continuing our adventure with SOS.

SOS 2014 is already a leap of faith, the unknowns already standing in the throne room before Christ. Our excitement though, can hardly be contained. We plan to have even more girls come, with lots of things to learn and understand, and also we are going to continue raising money and awareness at camp for sex slavery. Please pray for us as we follow where the Lord leads.

Have a blessed Christmas!

–Candice Roberts


Lovely family and friends,

I hope that you are each having a wonderful Christmas season, full of love, laughter and blessings from the Lord. I want to fill you in on what the Lord is doing in my life. So here goes:

This past June, Candice and I put on a girls camp called SOS. I felt called to this by the Lord because I see the need for girls today to be shown love and how to have joy in the Lord. Thirty-five girls participated, with six leaders and multiple speakers and worship bands.

At camp, the broken hearted were loved on and prayed over, encouragement was spread around, and the girls were treated like princesses. A few of the favorite things were; a Q&A with Godly men, a fancy dinner where the girls were shown respect, and seeing the relentless love of Christ restore the broken. Also at revival, we raised awareness with the girls that there are more than 27 million slaves in the world today.  This coming year we will be selling t-shirts for Remember Nhu (like we did last year) and rings for Redeemed Ministries.

We had an excellent time and the Lord worked in mighty, wonderful ways and even though this was for young girls, it caused me to grow in the Lord by showing me His faithfulness, graciousness, and His continual pursuance of me. The Lord answered so many prayers even when we were in doubt. I am looking forward this coming year and continuing this dream/reality. We are continually praying for the revival as a whole, which will be June 8th-12th, but specifically for the girls that will be attending, the leaders, speakers, and the organizations we support in fighting against sex slavery. Please pray with us! We so greatly appreciate your prayer and support.

Merry Christmas!!

–Kara Zimmerer


Please check out the SOS website at sosrevival.wordpress.com and follow us and like us on Facebook at facebook.com/sosrevival

If you have any questions, we would be so happy to talk about what the Lord is doing in our lives.

 If you would like to contribute to SOS Revival, you can write a check to Caney Creek Baptist Church (Please put SOS Revival in the memo) and mail it to:

Kara Zimmerer

5746 Lafitte

Eustace, TX 75124


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