You Are Wanted

I’m gonna let you in on a new realization about myself…. As a girl and a stranger in this world, I crave the feeling of being wanted. I love to know that I am wanted, my presence is wanted, and my thoughts and desires are wanted by others around me. If at some point I feel depressed, left-out, or angry, it is usually because I don’t feel wanted by my peers. And in turn, if I don’t feel wanted, I am sad and sometimes mad and always hurt.

I have recently noticed this about myself, although I think that deep down, I already knew. This is what I call my ‘major need’ –we all have specific, personal needs. With the understanding that this is my major need, I also realized that I go to the people around me to fill this need, mainly my boyfriend and my best friends but also my parents and my brothers.

Now, as a woman in Christ’s love, I know that God gave me this need. He gave me my personal need for a reason. He created me to crave acceptance…from him. He wants me to know that I am wanted…by him. “With all my heart I want to win your favor.” Psalm 119:58

Too many times in life I have wandered around hurt because someone rejected me and didn’t want me, when all I needed to remember was that Christ wants me. He always wants me. Throughout Song of Songs, Christ claims me as his Beloved. Also, in Ephesians 1:11 it says that God chose me ahead of time according to his plan. All throughout the bible it says that God’s children are set apart, wanted, chosen, claimed, and beloved.

I don’t need acceptance from others, because I am wanted by the creator of the universe. I will always be wanted. And I want you to know that you are wanted too. You will always be wanted.

So, comment back to me what your major need is. Let’s chat sometime, I like you guys!

Have a blessed night



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