SOS Update

Guess what!! We (Kara and Candice) are so excited to update you guys. We have been praying and planning for SOS2014 Revival for a long time now. Planning is probably the most exciting part, so we decided that you guys needed to be included in this part too. Isn’t that sweet? So now, we are going to fill you all in on what is new!

These are a few things that we have been praying for since God revealed to us that we would do SOS again…. We are praying for leaders and host homes. Also, we are praying for a dancer or an artist to come share their talents. We found an organization in the U.S. (Redeemed Ministries) to support. We have begun designing T-Shirts to continue supporting Remember Nhu. [Check these ministries out! Plus, we have a full-time photographer signed up (Julie)! Additionally, we have teammates lined up at the ready –Brittany and Catania. We have gotten hardcore about asking people to be leaders (check out our applications, if you feel led to apply). We are praying that God prepares each girl’s heart as she plans to come. During one of our prayer times, the Lord revealed a band to us and we are confident in that.

Also, Candice is getting pretty pumped about all the games and adventures. While Kara is ready to meet the girls and get to know them. Last year was a huge success and God did some fantastic things. We know that SOS in 2014 will be the highlight of our summer.

If you have any suggestions or some encouragement, leave us a comment! We would love to hear from you!

-Candice and Kara 


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